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Fruitful partnerships and programs

Sustainable development

Producers and cultivation

With the help of its partners, Fruit d’Or works to create conditions that ensure development is carried out with an eye toward the long term, launching programs to optimize the efforts of its producers. These measures include implementing a shareholder model and the Bountiful Harvest program, which rewards partner producers for their work.

A policy and program providing technical and financial support for producers also helps facilitate the transition to organic growing. In five years, the initiative has allowed 200 hectares of conventional cranberry beds to be converted to organic sites.

Investments of $100,000 in a research chair on pest control in cranberry production, in partnership with Victoriaville’s CETAB+
Continuous improvement program for sustainable development in the company’s supplier cranberry farms, including incentives for producers whose practices meet the necessary standards
Agronomists permanently present at supplier farms
Annual agronomic research plan
Comprehensive farm management software developed by Fruit d’Or and offered to producers for free: Real-time fertilizer and phytosanitary treatment tracking, decision-making tool for agronomic interventions, data analysis, fruit risk analysis, etc.
Half of the hectares cultivated by producers are protected or left in a natural state
Responsible procurement certifications


Fruit d’Or’s management style is founded on trust and fostering professional autonomy. The company is committed to developing programs to:

  • Offer competitive working conditions
  • Promote a healthy lifestyle
  • Encourage professional development
  • Favor multidisciplinary work
  • Support innovative ideas and initiatives
  • Create a pleasant and collaborative work environment
  • Promote intrapreneurship
  • Develop a sense of social contribution


Following an approach based on collaboration and proximity, Fruit d’Or’s upper management team has taken steps to ensure the company is managed ethically and responsibly.

  • Cranberry supply safeguarded by the addition of a number of shareholder producers
  • Contracts signed on a medium-term basis to facilitate price adjustments in response to market fluctuations
  • Regular strategic planning processes
  • Integration of an ERP (enterprise resource planning) program covering all major departments for better management of operations and finances
  • Structure based on vertical and horizontal integration to reduce transport and outsourcing costs
  • Preparing the next generation
  • Defining the company’s main processes


As part of a responsible approach to sustainable development and preserving natural resources, Fruit d’Or continually increases its efforts to honor its environmental commitments.

  • Improving processes to reduce the environmental footprint of all sites
  • Research and development on reuse of byproducts
  • Partnership with the organization Le Semoir, an initiative of the Arbre-Évolution solidarity cooperative specializing in social reforestation
  • Measuring volumes of waste materials to set future goals

Supply chain

Much of Fruit d’Or’s operations revolve around the supply chain, and no effort is spared to ensure its efficiency.

  • Quality inventory levels for all types of processing
    • Tight control of supply and warehousing
    • 75% of organic fruit sourced from shareholder farms
    • 50% of conventional fruit sourced from shareholder farms
  • Bountiful Harvest program for partner producers


The communities where Fruit d’Or and its partners carry out their work play an essential role in their development. With this in mind, the company invests in a number of initiatives and is involved in various social causes.

  • 1.6% of profits dedicated to donations and sponsorships
  • Partnerships with local organizations and events:
    • Partner of P12-18 logo 12-18
    • Key partner of Défi Entreprises for all regions of Québec
    • Partner of Grand Défi de Victoriaville
    • Partner of regional festivals
    • Key partner of Relay for Life
    • Key partner of the Cranberry Interpretation Center