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World-class expertise

We have become a leading producer and processor of organic cranberries and wild blueberries, working with local, national and global processing and distribution partners.

For 20 years, we’ve continued to grow our expertise and expand our range of products to meet the ever-changing needs of different markets. Our team serves primarily distributors, repackers, manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers in the following areas:

Patience Brand
Private Label
Nutraceuticals & Cosmetics
Dairy products
Jams and sauces
Baked goods
Confectionery and chocolate

The natural goodness and taste of a perfect product

Fruit d’Or offers processors and distributors from different industries a wide range of cranberry and wild blueberry products:

Dried fruits • Concentrate • Powders • Juice • Purees • Frozen fruits

Fruit d’Or takes an integrated approach to supply and boasts a warehousing capacity of 250,000 ft2, giving the company the ideal inventory for all types of processing. Maintaining a solid hold on supply and storage means the company can keep its resources under tight control.

Fruit d’Or continually takes steps to help producers yield better results, such as promoting an active community of shareholders and its Bountiful Harvest program. Shareholder farms play a key role in the supply chain, producing 75% of the organic fruit and 50% of the conventional fruit that the company processes.

The right tools to meet demand

High-tech equipment and agreements with a dozen different highly specialized subcontractors mean more options when it comes to producing and packaging products, as well as high added value. Fruit d’Or can also share production between its three sites to respond to specific needs.

Proven expertise in logistics and export

For 20 years, Fruit d’Or’s logistics team has transported and exported its products across five continents, whether that means dry, frozen, refrigerated, temperature-controlled or transported in a tanker.

Quality assurance: a top priority

Preventing product-contamination risks is a top priority for Fruit d’Or, every step of the way. The company takes preventative measures to guarantee that its facilities are safe, its processes are perfected, and its final products are of the highest quality.

Research and development department

Fruit d’Or’s R&D team includes leading experts in retail, ingredients and nutraceutical products and cosmetics. Their specialized skills in various activity sectors bring clients an expertise that stands apart.

Nurtured to perfection

It’s the simple everyday things that make our fruits so tasty and healthy.

A family business with community connections

Fruit d’Or maintains close ties with its partners, to say the least. The company’s collaborative approach focuses on technical support and knowledge sharing to improve production methods.

Today, the second generation of the Le Moine family is involved in managing the company to ensure a smooth transition when they take the helm, just like the multi-generational family farms that represent 60% of the company’s partners.

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