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Who we are

The seed of a great ambition

In 1995, Martin Le Moine decided to change tracks and start growing organic cranberries, with the help of his family and a handful of partners. It was clear there would be big challenges ahead. At the time, North American processors showed little interest in buying and processing organic cranberries, and the first harvests proved more than a little disappointing.

Guided by strong environmental and social values, Fruit d’Or developed proprietary processing techniques and perfected the art of fighting insects and weeds by natural means.

In the years that followed, the emerging cranberry manufacturing company developed unique lines of products for the food, nutraceuticals, cosmetics, and retail markets, honing a singular expertise in their sector.

The real thing

Sustainability and long-term thinking have always been central to Fruit d’Or’s ways of doing, both in the fields and in the board room. The company has proven how organic farming and cutting-edge technology can come together to produce quality products. And how a solid team and people-centered leadership translate into success. Every day, Fruit d’Or works to preserve the natural goodness of its fruits and build authentic relationships based on integrity.

Spreading goodness, one berry at a time

A leader in berry processing, Fruit d’Or ranks first worldwide for growing organic cranberries, and second as an organic wild blueberry processor. By upholding the highest quality standards, the company has built a name for itself and a reputation for excellence. Most Fruit d’Or berries come from their own fields. The rest are supplied by 45 well-established blueberry and cranberry producers who work closely with Fruit d’Or to meet demand. This supply structure allows the company to quickly and reliably distribute to over 50 countries.

Better food, better lives

Joie de vivre and wellness are central to the company’s culture, and employee development and healthy eating are part of this core philosophy.

Fruit d’Or also works hard to protect natural resources and the natural goodness of its berries. The company is a proud provider of non-GMO products that are free of pesticides and synthetic herbicides.

“Growing up on a farm, I’ve always been a nature lover. We started a cranberry farm project in order to diversify our agricultural activities. With the help of a partner, in 1993 we started the Atocas Notre-Dame farm, located in Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes. After two years of conventional growing, this farm becomes the first cranberry farm in Canada to begin its transition to organic farming. I decided to turn to this type of culture to be more in line with my values and aspirations, like sustainable development and organic farming. And that’s when the Fruit d’Or dream started becoming a reality."

Martin Le Moine
Fruit d'Or founder and owner of les Fermes Le Moine

Cultivating quality

Integrity is a cornerstone of success. And this integrity is intrinsically linked to quality and ethical decision-making. Beyond having the strictest quality control parameters in the industry, Fruit d’Or also upholds the highest food safety standards in the world, always thinking of its clients and consumers. The cranberry wholesale company holds some of the most stringent food certifications and carries out supplier selection with care and precision. Every step from farm to final product is tracked and carefully controlled with a cutting-edge traceability system.

To better respond to specific market needs, Fruit d’Or focuses on four main sectors.

Leaving our mark by reducing our footprint

Fruit d’Or is committed to reducing its environmental footprint. The organization works tirelessly to improve its practices and exceed industry standards for environmental protection and sustainable development.

The future belongs to those who take the lead, and Fruit d’Or is a committed leader that works alongside producers, suppliers, clients, consumers, and communities who also recognize that we need to do more for the planet.

A world leader in cranberry processing

Innovation has been part of the fabric of Fruit d’Or since the beginning, and continues to be a guiding force in its day-to-day activities. When it was founded, the company’s leadership chose to look at things differently—and completely rethink traditional ways of processing.

Today innovation has become a given, the lens through which the company sees the world. Within the team, employees have learned to explore all possibilities so they can propose the best solutions. Across the company, innovation fuels a search for authenticity and inspires the desire to keep pushing the limits of sustainable development.

Multiple sites for higher quality

Fruit d’Or includes different production sites across Québec, ensuring the effectiveness of its supply chain and facilities. Strategic locations offer direct access to large crops of high-quality cranberries and blueberries.

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