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Setting an example


Preserving natural resources and upholding our social responsibility have always been among our top priorities. As a leader in sustainable development, our company is committed to transparency in setting objectives and reporting results. In collaboration with our suppliers and partners, we aspire to serve as an example and make a positive difference in the community.


Sustainable development is an integral part of our current practices.

Based on our concrete results, we’re able to set ambitious goals to continually improve in this area.

Building lasting bonds

When he founded Fruit d’Or, Martin Le Moine surrounded himself with collaborators who shared his vision of sustainably producing and selling organic cranberries. Over the years, this approach has resulted in numerous partnerships with other environmentally-conscious producers.

Fruit d’Or maintains close ties with its collaborators, to say the least. The company’s cooperative approach focuses on technical support and knowledge sharing to improve production methods.

Today, the second generation of the Le Moine family is involved in managing the company to ensure a smooth transition when they take the helm, just like the multi-generational family farms that represent 60% of the company’s partners.

Helping to develop the organic sector

Fruit d’Or’s agronomists are always working on new tools and processes to optimize the farming practices of the company’s producers. Recent efforts include developing a crop management application.

Every year, the Fruit d’Or agronomists carry out three to four new studies to improve the company’s practices and help advance the industry.

Smaller footprint, big impact

Fruit d’Or is committed to reducing its environmental footprint. The organization works tirelessly to improve its practices and exceed industry standards for environmental protection and sustainable development.

The future belongs to those who take the lead, and Fruit d’Or is a committed leader that works alongside producers, suppliers, clients, consumers and communities who also recognize that we need to do more for the planet.

Some statistics

  • Organic production up by 228% in the last five years
  • 640 trees given to employees in two years
  • Nearly 95% of production is environmentally certified
  • Energy consumption at the Plessisville factory reduced by 30%

Become socially involved

Fruit d’Or is a member of the Sustainable Food Trade Association, a group devoted to supporting organic food industry members in implementing innovative and sustainable business practices. The organization’s mission is to develop the organic sector and enable it to transition to more sustainable business models.

Sustainable Food Trade Association logo

Fruit d’Or’s approach is also certified by Démarche d², the sustainable development support service that inspired the BNQ 21000 standard. The organization’s activities are focused in three main areas:

  • Collective well-being
  • Environmental protection
  • Economic prosperity

Fruit d’Or is also a proud partner to the organization Le Semoir, an initiative of the Arbre-Évolution solidarity cooperative specializing in social reforestation.

logo le Semoir

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