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As a trailblazer in organic cranberry cultivation, Fruit d’Or has devoted the last two decades to reducing its environmental footprint. Today, sustainable development is an integral part of the company’s practices and no effort is spared to ensure its commitments are honored.

Culture biologique

Politique d’encouragement monétaire et technique pour la transition des producteurs conventionnels vers la culture biologique ayant permis la conversion de plus de
10 millions de livres de canneberges

Augmentation de la production biologique de 228 %
sur 5 ans

Growing practices

  • Comparative research service offered to producer partners to increase quality, harvests, revenue and environmental performance
    • Reducing non-quality costs
    • Streamlining operations to reduce energy consumption and general costs
    • Selling greater volumes
  • 60% of partner producer farms operated by two generations
  • 95% of partner producers are environmentally certified
  • All partner producer crops screened on a weekly basis to determine required phytosanitary treatments
  • 94% of partner producers employ soil moisture measurement tools to precisely evaluate plants’ water requirements
  • 21% of partner producers employ electric irrigation pumps
Operational practices
  • Implementation of processes to minimize energy and drinking water consumption as much as possible and reduce waste from the Plessisville factory (water consumption reduced by over 50% in three years, despite significant increases in the volume of fruit processed)
  • Water treatment or pretreatment systems, depending on the site
  • LED lighting in warehouses
  • Investment in optimizing recycling and minimizing transport of plastic waste
  • Transport reduced by 400,000 km annually with new freezers

Gouvernance et implication locale

Programmes mis en place pour les employés
  • Journée annuelle de mobilisation
  • Accès à la salle d'entraînement du site de Villeroy
  • Potager collectif
  • Accès à des repas santé
  • Journée familiale estivale
  • Activités sportives organisées
  • Remise annuelle d'arbres à nos employés
  • Accès à des bornes de recharche électrique
  • Covoiturage organisé
  • Contribution pour l'achat d'un composteur
  • Accès à un programme d'aide aux employés
  • Contribution pour la pratique d'activité physique
  • Programme d'assurance collective
  • Contribution de Fruit d'Or à un REER collectif
  • Priorisation de places au CPE La Girouette

Carbon offsets for energy consumption associated with processing activities for fiscal year 2016-2017 by planting trees in partnership with Arbre-Évolution.

Exemplary management practices

Named among Canada’s Best Managed Companies in 2018, Fruit d’Or demonstrates an exceptional capacity to innovate in both processes and products within different sectors. The launch of the Patience Fruit & Co brand and high value-added nutraceutical products are examples.

Since 2001, the company has stood out for its operational efficiency, level of engagement (with producers, suppliers, clients, employees and community members) and development efforts.


  • Manufacturier Numérique 4.0 Prize
  • Dux Grand Prix: contest recognizing, supporting and promoting initiatives that inspire Canadians to eat better and live healthier
  • Finalist: Canada’s Best Managed Companies
  • Winner of the Canadian Grand Prix New Product Awards, 2015 and 2016
  • Prix Créateurs d’emplois in the Coup de cœur category for 2017 and 2018
  • Winner of Agri-Food Export Group’s Canadian Export Business Award 2016
  • Finalist for the MercadOr prize
  • Martin Le Moine honored by CETAQ
Discover our approach to ensure sustainable development