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Small gestures make a difference

Since it was founded, Fruit d’Or’s mission has been to sell its berries and berry products while taking into account environmental considerations such as minimizing its ecological footprint.

Sustainable development

Sustainable development commitments

  • Maintain a steering committee
  • Implement an action plan and revise it annually
  • Evaluate the action plan’s results
  • Establish indicators to guide management
  • Develop a continuous improvement program for supply chain cranberry farms
  • Verify that new policies and policy updates are compliant

Solid foundations for success

To ensure transparency and establish a clear strategic positioning, Fruit d’Or’s approach rests on certain foundations:

Five strategic priorities

  • Incorporating sustainable development in the company’s DNA
  • Producing a dashboard of sustainable development indicators and objectives
  • Integrating sustainable development within the value chain
  • Communicating the company’s commitments and progress on a regular basis
  • Creating internal sustainable development initiatives to raise awareness among employees

Guiding principles

Organic practices and land use

  • Through services offered and agronomic research
  • Through the transition to organic growing
  • By creating programs for continuous improvement in growing practices

Distribution and supply

  • Processing carried out near where fruits are grown, minimizing fruit transport time
  • Rigorous supplier selection process and maximizing use of the TraceGains platform
  • Self-sufficient supply chain, warehousing and processing to promote product traceability and quality control

Energy consumption, air emissions, water consumption and quality

  • Use of cutting-edge technologies and artificial intelligence
  • Continuous improvement of processes
  • Closed-loop growing: The water used to harvest and protect the fruit during winter is collected from rainwater and snowmelt

Waste reduction

  • Research and development projects on the use and recycling of byproducts
  • Minimal waste from production process, with most waste being composted or turned into animal feed
  • New Plessisville production lines enabling byproduct reuse to be managed internally

Human resources

Fruit d’Or’s human resource management is focused on respect and employee well-being. Managers maintain authentic relationships with employees to build close ties.

  • A value system based on pride, respect, sustainable development, innovation and team work
  • Policies communicated and made available to employees on the company portal
  • Pay equity