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Committed to being a responsible and sustainable business

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At Fruit d'Or, social responsibility and sustainable development are deeply embedded in our corporate culture. Since our foundation, we have aspired to play an exemplary role and exert a positive influence within our community.

Fruit d'Or has proudly completed the 4-pillar SMETA audit by SEDEX at its Villeroy and Plessisville sites.

In pursuit of this goal, Fruit d'Or is strongly committed to upholding the fundamental rights and freedoms of individuals as defined by the International Bill of Human Rights, including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), the International Covenant on Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights, and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

Simultaneously, Fruit d'Or adheres to the principles and fundamental rights outlined in the International Labour Organization Declaration (ILO), the* Ethical Trading Initiative’s* (ETI) base code principles1 , and the 10 United Nations Global Compact principles2.

As a company, we comply with applicable laws in the markets where we operate. When local laws have requirements less stringent than our own policies, as well as international standards on human rights and employment, we adhere to the strictest policies and standards.

To demonstrate our efforts and progress on these principles, we use the collaborative Sedex platform (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange), which allows us to transparently disseminate our data related to social responsibility. Additionally, in November 2023, Fruit d'Or conducted the SMETA ethical trade audit for its two main operational sites located in Centre-du-Québec. The audit methodology developed by Sedex, SMETA, is used to assess a company's compliance with the fundamental principles of the ETI and local legislation. We use the latest version of the 4-pillar SMETA audit: labor standards, health and safety, environment, and business ethics. In our commitment to continuous improvement, we will follow a triennial assessment cycle for these two sites to demonstrate our ongoing progress.

For more details, the comprehensive reports of the SMETA audits are available on Sedex website. Fruit d'Or's reference number on Sedex is: ZC1043511

Furthermore, as part of our support to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we are pleased to announce that Fruit d'Or will unveil its very first sustainable development plan for the period 2024-2026 in May 2024. This comprehensive document, along with any other relevant informational materials, will be shared directly with you via email and will be accessible online on our website.

1 Fruit d'Or adheres to the principles without, however, being a member of the ETI. 2 Fruit d'Or adheres to the principles without, however, being a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact.

It’s the simple everyday things that make our berries so tender, tasty, healthy and give them the perfect texture. Each parcel of land we farm with care and respect. Each weed we pull by hand. Each extra day we wait to ensure crops are harvested at peak ripeness. Each minute saved between field and freezer. Each berry perfectly preserved. Each unwanted substance detected and eliminated. And each delicious bite our customers enjoy.

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