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Press release - Villeroy, Québec, March 2, 2021

Fruit d’Or Continues to Expand and Joins Forces with American Family Business Decas Cranberry Products, Inc.

Fruit d’Or consolidates its status of major player of the global cranberry and wild blueberry scene, and worldwide leader of the organic industry

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Fruit d’Or, a Québec company specialized in the processing of organic and conventional cranberry and wild blueberry, is pleased to announce the acquisition of Decas Cranberry Products, Inc. (Decas), an independent family business that has been rooted in the State of Massachusetts, the industry’s birthplace, for several generations. The transaction will enhance Fruit d’Or’s leading role on the North American and international scenes.

"Today’s announcement is a milestone in Fruit d’Or’s history. This key transaction will ensure sustainable growth and achieve our vision for the future of the industry," stated Martin Le Moine, Fruit d’Or Founder and President.

"We are proud to write our next chapters with Decas and to combine our expertise while leveraging our shared values of sustainability, innovation and respect."

"This acquisition supports the objective of strengthening Fruit d’Or’s positioning and will help meet the high international demand for berries," said Carl Blouin, Executive Vice-President and CEO, Fruit d’Or. "To remain a leader in our field, we must constantly create new opportunities and focus on innovation. Together, we will be well positioned to bring our berries to new heights," Mr. Blouin added.

A Family Affair

The Fruit d’Or story is, first and foremost, one of partnerships and strong family values. Sustainability is also central to the company’s culture. Preserving natural resources in an environment where innovation and authentic relationships are privileged has always played an important role in Fruit d’Or’s ways of doing.

Similarly, Decas Cranberry Products, Inc. is a third-generation family business founded in 1934 by Greek immigrant brothers. The family business has stayed true to the values of its founders and is committed to quality, community, and sustainability.

"Today marks an exciting turning point for our company. Decas and Fruit d’Or have common values and the same commitment. I am thrilled with the opportunity this will provide our customers, growers and employees. We are happy to take this step forward and join forces with Fruit d’Or, and we’re confident about the future," said Michael McManama, President and CEO at Decas Cranberry Products, Inc.

“The foundation of the cranberry business is farming. Fruit d’Or and Decas share a commitment to the land, and this is a perfect partnership. The Decas family knows that our growers and our employees will be in good hands. The Decas legacy lives on,” concludes John Decas; second-generation owner, farmer and former President of Decas.

The transaction includes a processing plant, as well as Decas producing acres. Decas will operate as an American subsidiary and keep its name, as well as the Decas Farms® brand. Its corporate headquarters will remain in Carver, Massachusetts.

About Fruit d'Or

Founded in 2000 and headquartered in Villeroy, Québec, Fruit d'Or is a leading player in the processing of berries. The family company ranks first worldwide for growing organic cranberries, and second as an organic wild blueberry processor. Most Fruit d’Or berries come from well-established Quebec producers and the company has five production sites across the province. This supply structure allows the company to quickly and reliably distribute to over 50 countries. In addition to a wide range of products intended for food processing, Fruit d’Or also offers product lines dedicated to the nutraceutical market as well as to consumers through the Patience Fruit & Co brand, a line of delicious organic dried berries snacks and pure juices. Guided by strong environmental and social values, Fruit d’Or aims to spread the goodness of its fruits, one berry at a time.

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About Decas

Located in Carver, MA, the heart of Massachusetts’ Cranberry Country, Decas Cranberry Products, Inc. sources its exceptional cranberries from its own 450 acres of bogs and over 150 distinctive independent cranberry farmers in the U.S. and Canada. Decas Cranberry Products offers a line of various sweetened dried products and fresh cranberries under the Decas Farms® brand and ingredient products to food manufacturers. Decas Cranberry Products is also a dedicated ingredient company, providing food manufacturers in over 20 countries with premium cranberry ingredients.

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It’s the simple everyday things that make our berries so tender, tasty, healthy and give them the perfect texture. Each parcel of land we farm with care and respect. Each weed we pull by hand. Each extra day we wait to ensure crops are harvested at peak ripeness. Each minute saved between field and freezer. Each berry perfectly preserved. Each unwanted substance detected and eliminated. And each delicious bite our customers enjoy.

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