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Everything You Need to Know About Organic Cranberry Cultivation

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Enjoyed for its many benefits and its culinary versatility, this little emblematic red fruit growing in Quebec and North America is continually expanding its presence on the international market. As a world leader in organic cranberry cultivation, Fruit d’Or is constantly optimizing its methods to offer the highest-quality fruit.

Thanks to the meticulous monitoring of our production method, we continuously innovate our practices to offer healthy and naturally delicious products. Learn more about our vision and our process for cranberry cultivation.

The flowering of the plants and pollination

From May to September, the flowering period of the cranberry plantations begins. This is also the start of pollination, an essential step to give rise to the berries the following season.

To ensure the pollination of our cranberry plants, we work with local beekeepers who provide us with hives. Set up near the fields and close to water sources, the honeybees and bumblebees gather pollen from the flowers and thereby prepare the arrival of the next generation of berries.

To create an environment that is conducive to the health of the hives, we have flower islands in our fields and our surrounding organic farms. The pollinators therefore have access to various sources of nutrition.

In some of our farms, the dykes in the fields are also left intact so that flowers can grow there naturally. The bees therefore enjoy various types of pollen, and other natural pollinators join in the collective effort.

Our water management policy

Water plays a crucial role in cranberry cultivation in Quebec. In addition to irrigating the plants and protecting them from drought, water is used to flood the fields several times a year:

  • In the winter: to protect the buds from cold temperatures;
  • In the spring: to protect the buds from frost and certain insects;
  • In the fall: to facilitate the cranberry harvest.

Water is a precious resource, and we are sensitive to this fact, which is why we continuously improve our practices to ensure the optimal management of it. For example, we have underground tension sensors to assess the amount of water needed for irrigation.

Cyclical and sustainable water management

We don’t settle for organic farming; we seek to develop sustainable practices! We have therefore deployed various methods to keep our production in a closed circuit.

Our cranberry producers collect water from rain and snowmelt, which is usually enough to ensure the cultivation. Contained near the fields, this water is then routed there using irrigation to water the plants.

Cranberry production is therefore one of the only kinds to benefit from such meticulous water management!

Insect monitoring and screening

In addition to the cold, cranberry cultivation in Canada has other adversaries: insect pests. While maintaining completely organic farming, we have developed various technologies to closely monitor the presence of insects in our fields.

Since one of these insects is particularly harmful (the blackheaded fireworm), we flood our fields in the spring to protect the plants. This method allows us to neutralize their larvae while preserving other insects that participate in the cultivation of the fruit!

The flooding of the fields at harvest time

From late September to late October, the cranberries take on their ruby-red colour, a sign that they are becoming ripe for the picking. To help with the cranberry harvest, the fields are once again flooded.

Cranberries naturally float in water, so flooding the fields makes it much easier to harvest them. Once the fields are submerged, we use a thresher to loosen the berries. They rise to the surface and are then collected.

This is where the iconic image of cranberry cultivation comes from!

Once they arrive at our factory, our berries are washed, sorted, and prepared. Fresh, dried, powdered, concentrated, juiced, or frozen—we create products of all sorts to meet any type of demand.

Berries from Quebec grown with care and attention

Above all, Fruit d’Or is a history of passion, observation, and innovation. As a leader in organic cranberry cultivation, we maintain strict quality standards.

Throughout the process, our team rigorously monitors the production lines. This attention makes it possible to preserve the flavour, colour, and natural benefits of our cranberries. And these practices extend to all our crops! In a spirit of expertise, sustainability, and quality, Fruit d’Or offers you healthy, organic berries grown with passion.

It’s the simple everyday things that make our berries so tender, tasty, healthy and give them the perfect texture. Each parcel of land we farm with care and respect. Each weed we pull by hand. Each extra day we wait to ensure crops are harvested at peak ripeness. Each minute saved between field and freezer. Each berry perfectly preserved. Each unwanted substance detected and eliminated. And each delicious bite our customers enjoy.

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