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2024 Wild Blueberry Pre-Crop Outlook

Pre-Crop Outlook, Wild Blueberry

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July 9, 2024

After a fruitful wild blueberry harvest in Quebec but more challenging conditions elsewhere in the world last year, a stable winter was expected this year to protect the fruit for the upcoming season. Now that the blooming and pollination period for wild blueberries in North America has ended, it is time to share our predictions for the 2024 harvest and market.

In Canada

The fluctuating temperatures in Quebec this winter resulted in below-average snow cover. Until May, plant growth was progressing rather well. However, nighttime temperatures around the freezing point damaged some lower-lying fields. Our agronomists remain cautiously optimistic that the damage is limited to certain regions, moderating the impact on Quebec's harvest. Finally, pollination proceeded favorably, and the weather forecasts for the coming weeks are promising.

In the Maritimes, no significant meteorological events appear to have disrupted the development of wild blueberries. The weather conditions are favorable, which could lead to a normal harvest for this region.

In the United States

In Maine, the primary wild blueberry-producing state, the harvest looks promising if the current temperatures hold.

Market Situation

While this year’s overall harvest should fall within an average to good crop, the unpredictability of weather conditions does not allow us to guarantee results at this time. Considering the current low level of inventories from last season throughout our industry, a good crop will be important to adequately supply our worldwide clientele. We look forward to serving our established customers and to welcoming new customers onboard this season. Wishing us all a successful 2024 harvest season!

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