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Wild blueberry soluble powder 40 mesh

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100% versatile

Sans sucre ni édulcorant ajouté

La poudre soluble de bleuet sauvage est fait à partir de concentré de jus de bleuet sauvage en poudre ayant un ratio de 8:1 (fruits entiers: concentré de jus en poudre). Le concentré de jus de bleuet sauvage est fait à partir de bleuets sauvages (Vaccinium angustofolium) matures et sains.

La poudre est préparée à partir d’ingrédients non modifiés génétiquement.

Wild blueberry juice concentrate, partially hydrolyzed guar gum, silicon dioxide
< 5%
15 kg (33.07 lb) case
Shelf life and storage recommendations
36 months, stored under 24°C (75° F).
Product code
The full benefits of the fruit’s skin and pulp
  • No added sugar, no flavors or additives, 100% fruit
  • Processed using methods based on laboratory testing and collaborative research with universities to meet the highest standards of quality and regulate bioactive nutrient levels indicated on our nutritionnal sheets
  • Concentration process without the use of solvents or other chemicals
  • Complete traceability, from field to finished product
  • Authentification of the finished product guaranteeing no adulteration
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Chocolate & confectionary

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