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Cranberry juice concentrate 50 brix

Conventional line • Juices and concentrates • Cranberries


Just one ingredient

All the benefits of whole fruit with no added sugar

Our cranberry juice concentrate is made from whole cranberries, processed using cutting-edge equipment to preserve all the goodness of the fruit.

Prepared with non-GMO berries. No added sweeteners, preservatives, flavors or colors.

Available on demand in aseptic packaging to minimize transport and warehousing costs.

Cranberry juice
237.7 kg (513 lb) drum
Kosher, Halal, Vegan
Shelf life and storage recommendations
36 months frozen (0°F, -18°C), 30 days unfrozen (<39°F, <4°C)
Product code
Just fruit: nothing more, nothing less

Our acidic soil and cold climate create ideal growing conditions for cranberries.

We’ve developped our processes from A to Z to bring out all the natural goodness of the fruit.

  • From field to freezer in record time to lock in natural properties
  • Artificial intelligence techniques that yield the best possible product consistency
  • Non GMO
  • Local fields, natural pollination, closed-loop farming
Discover the possible applications
Alcoholic beverages

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