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#Organic wild blueberry juice concentrate 65 brix

Organic line • Juices and concentrates • Wild blueberries

Just one ingredient

All the benefits of whole fruit with no added sugar

Our wild blueberry juice concentrate is made with berries from Québec’s Lac-Saint-Jean region and the province of New Brunswick, where they grow wild. The flavor is more intense than cultivated blueberries. Berries are processed using cutting-edge equipment to preserve all the goodness of the fruit.

Prepared with non-GMO ingredients. No added sweeteners, preservatives, flavors or colors.

Available on demand in aseptic packaging to minimize transport and warehousing costs.


Organic wild blueberry juice concentrate


260 kg (573.2 lb) drum


Organic, Kosher, Halal, Vegan

Shelf life and storage recommendations

36 months frozen (0°F, -18°C), 30 days unfrozen (<39°F, <4°C)

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Why are Canadian wild blueberries so popular?

Based on a recent study in the United States, consumers see wild blueberries as a product that tastes better*. (source : The Power of Wild, Portland Marketing Analytics, 2015, A US Quantitative Consumer Research Study)

Compared to cultivated blueberries in the categories tested, wild blueberries:

  • Increased likelihood to buy
  • Increased the amount purchased
  • Increased willingness to pay more

Wild blueberries offer three times more fruit pieces than cultivated blueberries.

(Source: The Power of Wild, Portland Marketing Analytics, 2015, a U.S. quantitative consumer research study)

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Fruit d’Or, producer of wild organic blueberries

Working with local, national, and international processing and distribution partners, Fruit d’Or has become a leading producer and processor of organic cranberries and wild blueberries. We offer our wild organic blueberry juice concentrate to manufacturers, wholesalers, and repackers.

Have an idea for an innovative product?

Over the years, Fruit d’Or has also developed expertise in creating custom products for all kinds of markets.

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