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The unexpected yields of the 2022 wild blueberry harvest

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September 27, 2022


This year, the weather was a better ally for the wild blueberry than in the previous year. In Lac St. Jean and New Brunswick, regular rainy days helped to raise fruit size to record levels.

This spring, the harvest was not expected to be abundant due to the difficulty in finding pollinators, but the insects were able to do their work and the blueberries developed well.

This news confirms a good harvest in these two regions, Quebec and New Brunswick, where our wild blueberry grower-partners are located.

For Nova Scotia, the situation is similar for the majority of the territory.


This year, the wild blueberry growing region in the United States, Maine, did not have the crop that was hoped for at the beginning of the season. The drought that took over the state in June extended into early August and caused extensive damage to fields. Although the fruits have developed, they have not reached their full size potential. Thus, the crop in Maine is not a disaster, but is less abundant than normal.


Due to the more difficult harvests in recent years, except for 2020, inventories are stabilizing. We therefore recommend that you plan your orders well for the coming year, hoping that this year will not be seen as an exception of a good harvest for the future.

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