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Organic dried cranberries "Original", cane sugar

Organic line • Sliced dried fruits • Cranberries

Vibrant red, perfect sweet & tart balance

Soft, full and flavorful

Cranberries are normally sliced before being dried. We start with larger berries that are halved to ensure each slice is perfectly soft. As an organic dried sweetened cranberry supplier, Fruit d’Or prepares his fruits with non-GMO ingredients. No added preservatives, flavors or colors.

320 mg of polyphenols per 100 g per serving.


Organic cranberries, Organic cane sugar, Organic sunflower oil (expeller pressed, less than 1%)




4.54 kg (10 lb) case or 11.34 kg (25 lb) case


Organic, Kosher, Halal, Vegan

Shelf life and storage recommendations

24 months, stored in a dry and cool place

Product code


Because juice isn't our main product, we developed a unique process that’s more gentle on the fruit. That’s why our whole cranberries are world renowned.

Since our facility made the transition to Industry 4.0, moisture levels, temperature and speed are adjusted using artificial intelligence to ensure consistent high-quality products.

Energy bars
Fruit squares

Don't hesitate to contact us to request samples or explore a concept.

Fruit d'Or, the organic dried sweetened cranberry wholesaler

Fruit d'Or has developed unique product lines for the food, nutraceutical and cosmetic, and retail sectors. As a leading wholesaler in the organic industry, Fruit d'Or today distributes its dried sweetened cranberry in bulk to wholesalers.

Have an idea for an innovative product?

Over the years, Fruit d’Or has also developed expertise in creating custom products for all kinds of markets.

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