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Terms and conditions

Any information contained herein, including those about [the/Fruit d’Or’s] products/ingredients, are provided for information purposes only; they:

  • are not intended to provide or to amend, and do not provide or amend, any representation, warranty or guarantee regarding such products/ingredients;
  • are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, and cannot be used for such purposes;
  • are not, and cannot (i) constitute or be construed as a medical advice or interpretation of any medical or health condition; (iii) be considered as giving an opinion, recommendation or statement; and (iii) be considered as a substitute for any professional assessment or advice;
  • cannot be interpretation as a confirmation that the products/ingredients: (i) are available in your jurisdiction or to any person, or (ii) can be used for any specific purpose.

Each manufacturer, wholesaler or other person involved in the design or manufacture of any products is solely responsible: (a) to make its own assessment, including with respect to any specific use, (b) to obtain all applicable regulatory and other approvals, permits and authorizations, and (c) to manufacture and commercialize/provide their products to any person.

The website may refer to, or include, information about studies or projects undertaken by third parties, including results, findings or conclusions, such as information regarding products/ingredients physiological interactions with [ntd: to be completed], and may include hyperlinks to third parties’ websites. Such information and hyperlinks are provided “as is”, and for information purposes only and for no other purposes; such information and websites were not created/obtained, and are not validated, by Fruit d’Or. Fruit d’Or does not endorse, and assumes no responsibility regarding, such information. In addition, some information or hyperlinks may be inaccurate or otherwise outdated. Manufacturers, wholesalers or other persons involved in the design or manufacture of products and solely responsible to make their own independent assessment of any data consulted, including to ascertain that: (i) the information/hyperlinks are accurate, (ii) applicable products/ingredients can be used for any specific purposes, (iii) such uses are safe and allowed under applicable laws in all relevant jurisdictions. Third parties’ websites and information can be protected intellectual property rights, and their use can be subject to additional terms and conditions; it is the responsibility of any person intending to use such information to review and act in compliance with the foregoing.

Any person accessing or using any information contained or referred to on this website does so at its own risks. Fruit d’Or denies and disclaims all representations, warranties and guarantees (written or oral, and express, implied, at law or otherwise) including as to the (a) condition, quality, conformity, merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose of any information/the website or any products/ingredients; (b) the absence of errors and inaccuracies (or their corrections); and (c) the fact that any information/the website or any product/ingredient will be updated or continuously available, or that it will not infringe/violate any third party’s rights.

Any access or use of the website, including of any information included or referred to herein, as well as any disputes and proceedings, are governed by the laws in force in the Province of Quebec (Canada) excluding principles and rules that could lead to the application of foreign laws and subject to the exclusive jurisdictions of the courts of the Province of Quebec (Canada).

Unless prohibited by laws of public order, Fruit d’Or assumes no responsibility whatsoever and shall not be responsible for any claim/damage including those arising/resulting from one of the occurrences referred to in these essential terms. Should such waiver of liability be prohibited at law, then Fruit d’Or liability will be limited to (i) the minimum amount set forth in applicable law if a specific amount so provided; or (ii) $5CDN is no specific amount is imposed at law.

Any access and use of this website, including of any information referred to/set forth herein, is contingent upon your acceptance of the essential terms set forth herein.