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Get maximum taste and pristine composition without the bleeding.

For streak-free, immaculate baked goods, incorporate our new no-bleed and extra juicy wild blueberries into your products. Achieve balanced coverage without the blueish-green welts—all while adding a delightfully juicy, healthy and all natural berry to your products.

A great solution for a variety of applications
Deep-fried pastries
Bread products
Sweet goods

A natural and tasty solution for bakery products with a wide range of benefits


The berries reduce water activity and are specially designed not to color bleed during baking or frying.

Bursting with flavors

The intense taste of wild blueberries that consumers prefer to deliver an indulgent experience.

Clean Label

A natural and real ingredient from nature without any additives. According to a recent study, clean label claims are the top product attribute that consumers value most in bakery products1. Our no-bleed and extra juicy wild blueberries are 100% natural and made from only real ingredients without any additives.

Extra moist & juicy

A moist and juicy texture that provides a pleasant mouthfeel just like fresh berries.

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