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100% Organic Cranberry Fruit Powder - Cran Naturelle

From our fields in Quebec Canada

We pamper our berries every step of the way, from field to finished ingredient. Fruit d'Or uses environmentally friendly features and practices to produce Cran NaturelleTM Organic.

Nurtured by nature in our fields

Today’s consumers are looking for pure, clean ingredients. With a sustainable, vertically integrated approach, Fruit d’Or closely monitors the quality of its seeds, crops and ingredients. Plus, Cran NaturelleTM is certified organic. We value quality and transparency in our processes as well as our finished ingredients.

100% cranberry (Vaccinium macrocarpon) benefits

Cran NaturelleTM Organic contains a guaranteed 7.2% of soluble and insoluble PACs, for efficacy and consistency. It is made from the solids (pulp, seeds, flesh, stems) produced by pressing the fruit to remove some of the juice. It is then dried and milled. Because the material is still wet when it’s processed, it also contains juice.

Allows you to meet the dosage standards of the FDA qualified health claim

Supplements containing a daily serving of 500 mg of 100% cranberry fruit powder may claim on their labels, and in their marketing materials, that they reduce the risk of recurrent urinary tract infections.

Note: It is the responsibility of each manufacturer to verify the conformity of their finished product for the use of the correct claim

Our powder makes it easy to encapsulate without the use of fillers

Cran NaturelleTM 100% cranberry fruit powder also does not require excipients, so there is no need for Mg(OH)2 or maltodextrin in your capsules. This is important for clean labels, and because fillers or lubricating agents may interfere with testing for PACs in your final product.

The Cran NaturelleTM Organic difference

  • 100% organic cranberry powder benefits
  • Sustainably sourced from our fields in Quebec Canada
  • Single pure natural organic ingredient
  • Guaranteed 7.2% of soluble and insoluble PACs
  • Zero additives, preservatives or GMOs

Innovation by nature

Pure and authentic top-quality products

Cran Naturelle Organic can be used in multiple delivery systems
Capsules and tablets

Any questions?

Don't hesitate to contact us to request samples, explore a concept, or for any question.