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Nutraceutical Ingredients and co-products

Cultivating what's real

Founded in 2000 in Quebec, Canada, Fruit d'Or is a leading player in the processing of berries. The family company ranks first worldwide for growing organic cranberries, and second as an organic wild blueberry processor. We offer a complete line of top-quality conventional and organic ingredients using the world’s most advanced processes. Our ingredients are always made with the same inputs, which provide pure and consistent ingredients for top-quality products in the natural health and cosmetic industries.

Fruit d’Or is the first company to evaluate the polyphenol content in all its products. With demonstrated authenticity, purity and effectiveness, the quality of Fruit d’Or’ products is something customers can trust.

We rank #1 worldwide for growing organic cranberries, and second as an organic wild blueberry processor.
We pamper our berries every step of the way, from field to finished product.
Technical and innovation support to assist in product formulation.

Just one ingredient.

Our products are processed to preserve all their natural benefits.

They contain zero additives, preservatives, added sugar, flavors, colors or GMOs. We don’t use anticaking or free-flow agents and solvents. The drying process for the powder preserves the fruit’s nutrients in their natural, unaltered state. Our ingredients are ready for innovative nutraceutical product applications. logos-nutraceutique

Possible applications
Capsules, softgels and tablets
Smoothies & supplements

We’ve fine-tuned our processes to bring out all the natural goodness of the fruit.

Fruit d’Or continues to redefine quality, at the helm of industry progress. With an integrated approach across production lines, the company closely monitors the quality of seeds, crops, and the finished product. Ingredients undergo rigorous testing to maintain the high quality Fruit d’Or is known for.

When Fruit d’Or was founded, we chose to look at things differently—and completely rethink traditional ways of processing. We are who we are today thanks to this approach. Today innovation is a given for us and informs the way we see the world. Our team knows that you can never respond without envisioning a solution. Innovation is what fuels our search for authenticity and commitment to always take the possibilities of sustainable development further."

Martin Le Moine, Fruit d’Or founder and owner of les Fermes Le Moine

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