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Taste the wilderness of Wild blueberry

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Discover why consumers prefer Wild blueberries

The Antioxidant Leader

Wild blueberries are known for its high level of antioxidants such as anthocyanins, flavonoids found in the blue pigments.


Wild blueberries have the ability to :

  • neutralize free radicals
  • help prevent cell damage
  • protect against inflammation
  • be a leading factor in brain aging, Alzeimer’s disease ant other degenerative diseases
  • prevent cardiovascular deseases and cancer

Using ORAC testing procedure, Wild Blueberries have 2X the antioxidant power of cultivated blueberries.*


Some facts

According to a recent research made in the U.S. in all categories, Wild blueberries compared with cultivated blueberries* :

Increase purchase intent
Increase consumption
Increase price premium

Benefits perceived by consumers when comparing wild vs cultivated blueberry smoothies;

  • 73% are willing to buy more
  • 85% believe they taste better
  • 81% think wild blueberries increase health benefits
  • 63% are willing to pay more

Make a big difference

Did you know that dried blueberries offers 3X more fruit pieces than cultivated blueberries?

*Sources :
The Power of Wild, Portland Marketing Analytics 2015, « A US Quantitative Consumer Research Study ».

It’s the simple everyday things that make our berries so tender, tasty, healthy and give them the perfect texture. Each parcel of land we farm with care and respect. Each weed we pull by hand. Each extra day we wait to ensure crops are harvested at peak ripeness. Each minute saved between field and freezer. Each berry perfectly preserved. Each unwanted substance detected and eliminated. And each delicious bite our customers enjoy.